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  • iLook

    Office(Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project) plug in that helps you organize your Outlook folders and connects you to your friends and information from Facebook, Skype and more...

  • iLook for Business

    iLook is an Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint) plug in that integrates your office tools to other systems and adds new improve functions to office applications. iLook helps you organize your Outlook folders, find information faster and more relevant ,connects you to your organization systems like SharePoint, MS-Project Server, SAP and Active Directory (Phone Book).

  • iLookians

    iLookians are users or developers that spreads the word of iLook, those who develop for iLook, togther we can make iLook public, we can make office better with iLook. iLook is free and will stay free as a office applications side bar, join us, make money in support services for iLook ,in iLook development for organizations in you location and World wide.

  • iLook for Developers

    Develop an iLook Tab your self. iLook developer SDK is available for download in our developer section of our site and at develop your own tab and sell it around the world to over 3 million iLook users throw iLook market place.

    • iLook for SharePoint
    • iLook for MS-Project Server
    • iLook for SAP
    • iLook Phone Book (Active Directory)
    • Organize your outlook folders
    • iLook Email control, easy to find emails.
    • iLook Export, quick email and attachments export
    • iLook Connection to Facebook, LinkedIn and more...
    • Develop your own tabs for iLook
    • Enhance your iLook use
    • Sell, make money from your iLook tab development
    • Quick start with iLook tab samples and support
    • Create your own business, with iLook support and distribute certificate.
    • Offer services and support to organizations around you.
    • Connect to iLook community
    • Sell, Make money from iLook support and services.
    • iLook has more than 3.5 million users, around the world.
    • 24% Users in North America
    • 30% Users in Europe
    • 21% Users in China & Russia
    • 25% Users in the rest of the world
    • iLook Manuals for each tab
    • How to Use, Videos on YouTube
    • How to Develop, Videos on YouTube
About iLook
iLook company is the famous iLook side bar for office development and distribute startup company. Our team is dedicated for iLook development and advancement; we make sure that iLook is always up to date with the latest office application updates. iLook company, established in Israel since 2004. We develop a variety of iLook Tabs and we are responsible for iLook core application upgrades. Furthermore, we give services and support for iLook main application and tabs that were developed by iLook. Among our long- standing clients are high- tech companies, large organizations and medium private sector businesses, for which we offer a full package deal consisting of definition, coordination and application of each project.
iLook News
Sunday, June 29, 2014
iLook is Now free for everyone and for any use. iLook business tabs included, SharePoint, Ms-Project Server and more, all are free.
Sunday, June 29, 2014
New and improve iLook site, now supports all browsers and mobile phone friendly.