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  • Search Email ,inside attachments

    Search Email ,inside attachments

    Super fast search engien that searchs for text in email body ,subject and inside document attachment for type pdf, word, excel, powerpoint ,text, html.

    Easy Search

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  • Email Control

    Email Control

    Review a person email history in one click all attachments,E-Mails and acquaintances of the person how sent you the email, that way you have all the history and details of your personal relashionship with the E-Mail sender in one click.

    One Click Email control

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  • Social Connection

    Social Connection

    Connect to your friends in Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype and sync your friends contacts and birthdays with your outlook at a click of a button. you can watch your friends photo albums directly from your iLook ,watch slide show ,add and edit photos.

    Social Connection

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  • Export Email File Attachments

    Export Email File Attachments

    Easy export full email folder attachements to files. Create an external arcive of all your attached files. Save space on your harddisk and on your outlook storage. all you have to do is mark the folder and click export.Download free standard version

    Backup & Export Data as you go along.

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  • iLook Phone Book

    iLook Phone Book

    View your Outlook contacts in a better and friendlier way than any other plugin . iLook Contacts Tab makes it easy for you contact your friends from outlook, it also automaticly pulls data from Facebook, Skype and Email to update your contact details and more.Furthermore, directly connect to your organization active directory, and create's an active phone book with IPPhone field extraction from the active directory you can connect to any employee via Skype . iLook get to know your co-workers.

    Quick Contact Info

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  • MS-Project Connection

    MS-Project Connection

    iLook connection to MS-Project server ,let's you be on top of you projects at all time. you can also create and modify your project directly from you outlook. Supports MS Project Server 2003 and MS Project Server 2007 .

    Projects big picture view and quick response to red flags.

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  • SharePoint Connection(WSS+MOSS)

    SharePoint Connection(WSS+MOSS)

    Experience faster access, search, availability, directly from your Outlook.users can easily move or copy emails and attachments between Outlook and SharePoint(WSS+MOSS) and better manage attachments in SharePoint.ilook adds a drag-and-drop functions to almost any function in the connection between your Sharepoint and Outlook.

    SharePoint Collabiration directly from your Outlook

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  • News & Alerts

    SharePoint News & Alerts

    Instant news and alerts to a person, group or all employees or users. News & Alerts Tab connects to a SharePoint lists new items in the list are pushed to the users by group category and permissions.

    Notify your users

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  • SAP Connection

    SAP Connection

    iLook connection to E.R.P in you organization. connects to finance ,resources and customer relashions modules in SAP. make sure that your up to date.

    Uptodate at all times