iLook Development

Systems Connection to Office Applications

iLook is a professional iLook tab development with a team of experts and more than 10 years of experience, we are ready to implement projects of any difficulty level: from tabs for small business process automation up to the large-scale enterprise management systems integration. We provide you with an efficient, user-friendly, and customized iLook tab that can run offline and independent on any Office application, we help businesses to fulfill these requirements and achieve success. iLook tabs ensure faster data access, easy content synchronization, and efficient offline operations. iLook tabs can integrate with web technologies, other tabs and different types of databases providing better operational functioning.

Why would you want to develop an iLook tab application?

  1. High speed & High performance applications
  2. More secure than web and mobile application
  3. Already inside your main working tools(Office applications).
  4. Easy to distribute and control
  5. One Stop integration tool
  6. Customize and develop tabs your self

We create user-friendly iLook tabs tailored to specific clients’ needs.

Our technologies

  • .NET Framework (Win Forms(C#, VB), WPF)
  • Java
  • C++ (Win API, MFC, WTL)
  • HTML5 (as a desktop application)